Dude! What is this all about?

Over 7 years of my developer life, I was unable to find people that I can freely express what I have discovered about computer science and engineering. It’s like, “Hey, you wanna see my new file system I have drafted yesterday?”, “Aaaah, what?”, and the conversation ends. So, here I just write my ideas down and hopefully it helps someone who’s in need of the information I have. Fairly reasonable trade, I guess.

Who Am I?

You could check that in www.karacasoft.com but I’ll have some extra information here.

Life is about helping each other. Though I don’t execute it the way that this phrase, “help me, help you” expresses. It’s more like, “help you, and you have already helped me understanding some concept about life or other stuff better. So thanks, you may want to help me and I would appreciate that but you don’t really have to since you have already helped me about something else”, for me. Before I get more philosophical about this, let’s get to the other unnecessary stuff.

I am pretty good at rhythm/music games and I really enjoy them. I am really struggling to find a good Guitar Hero player around me (And I know there are people really, really good at this game). But plastic guitars are kinda getting outdated since their latest failure. (Yes, I’m talking about Guitar Hero Live)

I enjoy heavy metal music, but I listen to a wide range of genres. Pretty much everything except rap, hiphop and some pop music is what I listen to. Lately I have been listening symphonic metal and power metal. I listen to music album by album. I usually check out lyrics once I get used to an album. By going one album at a time, I can understand what the artists try to express in an album. I really appreciate how albums try to convey a story over tracks, like how “The Unforgiving” of “Within Temptation” does understandably in a way that can’t be understood when looked track by track, but not the way “Theory of Everything” of “Ayreon” does which just tells you the story over 1-2 minute tracks. Instrumental tracks in Theory of Everything was pretty cool though.

I unintentionally try to get a meaningful structure out of anything. Like in this writing I’m doing, even though I tried so hard to throw everything I am thinking right now. To be fair, I love building structures out of smaller building units. And I think this is the sole reason I am still working to make more software.

From time to time, I lose all hope, get depressed and simply don’t do anything for at least a couple of weeks. I don’t think I have proper understanding of the main issue. The reason I think is that it is because of something that I want to achieve, but think that I cannot have any way to get it done.

Well, here is me as I know myself. I am still trying to learn more about myself. We could say that this text is subject to changes over time.