Do you remember?

Do you remember?

Once upon a time, in a land far away. We were just children. Unaware of anything, that could go wrong. Unaware of anything, that would stay in our way. What way? Which way? Our way? What is our way? Where does it lead to? Is it always the same?

Do you remember?

The path that leads to success… What success? Am I considered successful? I haven’t done anything different. We were following a path. The path… The never-ending path. Cannot see further. Too far away to go back. A wonderful journey. A great adventure. Limitless possibilities. Through the endless plains. We never stopped, we never tried to stop.

Follow your heart. Given the choices, it seems to be a good advice. Never give up. Always try your best.

Help me, help you. More like, help you, help me. How can I help? That’s simple. A world full of help. Everyone, helping each other.

Do you remember?

Can you see? What’s coming up? What will be truly helpful to you? I cannot see. We were blind this whole time. All those reflections inside our eyeballs… Losing hope? No. Don’t give up. You have to move on. Move on. Keep going. Until the end of time. The journey has no end.

What’s next? What will be the choice? What has happened here?

It’s a mess. You haven’t seen it. But it was there the whole time. Move on? I will move on. Keep running. Until the end of time.

On the black bridge with white outlines. They’re chasing me. I don’t know if I can beat them. Frightened, but strong. Stop. Turn around and fight… Easy. But, something is wrong. What is wrong with me? I don’t seem to be as strong anymore. The bridge goes all the way. I can see the end. But… I don’t have the strength. Collapsed on ground.

Somebody? Anybody around? I might be needing some help here?

Don’t give up. Keep going.

No. I need to rest.

You cannot stay here.

Please, let me stay here. It was all in vain. This is not the end. But I certainly wish it was.

Stand up. The journey is endless. You have to move on.


Time pays us, but with earth and dust,
And a dark silent grave,

Hope is only an illusion
And Ocean Soul is nothing, but a name


Do I remember?

Yes. I remember. I remember, that there once was a time. I remember, a time when hopes were endless. I remember, a place out of the most beautiful dreams.

I remember,…

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